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I've decided to place this elsewhere. (see

What is the out of the box experience for your product? Has anyone actually tested it and does anyone care? Many consumer products have pretty decent instructions or are intuitive, but most fail miserably in this. Does it lead to disappointment or just delayed gratification?

Tomorrow I will take delivery of an evaluation unit for a small pbx product called the Asterisk Appliance. I have decided to document every single step of the process from the unsuccesful FedEx attept to deliver the package to our closed office Friday, to the end result, presumably a working product. My only question for the moment is where I do this. Should I set up a new blog on one of my servers using oe of the many open source products? Should I do it on Blogger which is dead easy? Should I do it in someone else's house (like FastCompany)? Something makes me want to try it here and see where it goes.