Why the SMS difference between Europe and the USA?

Is there some deep socialogical reason why here in Europe, SMS technology has been embraced where in the USA, most people have no time for it? In most European countries, you can get regular cordless and corded home phiones that send and receive SMS, yest apparently this doesn’t even exist in the USA.

A lot of SMS use here is by the young, Twitterers and IM crowd, but the text messages have many good uses for adults. The first serious example that pops up is when you are in a meeting that is extended and you need to tell someone you’re running late. You can discreetly send such a message to the person without distracting or leaving the room. I have a free phone with a small monthly credit that allows me to SMS to my partner to call me or an important caller that she missed.

One of the less-obvious uses of SMS will be part of a paper I am giving at Asterisk Tag in Berlin in May. Our Paris office has an Asterisk pbx and I can send it commands via SMS, such as “Call me back if I have vmail”. The PBX can send me an immediate missed call alert with the caller’s name and number, even if they did not leave a message.

SMS is a great tool and I’m sory to see it hasn’t caught on in the same way in the US, where surely even more creative uses could be found for it.

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