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Just as I was thinking that this Social Media phenomena was actually making me more social, along came this post by Bill Cammack over on FastCompany's new website, which I am liking a lot .. but a post is forthcoming on that soon.
Bill was interviewed by Jonny Goldstein on his Par-tay and his response to Jonny's question as to whether or not he thought social media made people more social was it does not. Bill said :
My point was that I became less social instead of more social because of the fact that my friends are always at my fingertips. For the sake of this post, I'm defining "social" as actually going somewhere to hang out with friends of mine, IRL.
Jonny actually thinks that it can lead to more actual social interaction and I agree with him. Seeing as I met Jonny through a mutual twitter friend and have since started watching his show regularly and seen him in actual person on several occasions it only leads to reason. Had I not been using these new social media tools, I would have never had the pleasure of not only meeting him, but a whole slew of other great people in the local DC area here.

Bill makes some interesting points
There's no reason for me to physically go ANYWHERE unless physically interacting with that person is the reason I'm going. You can't go snowboarding together unless you actually go snowboarding. Other than that, the current state of communications enables you to be AS in-touch with someone as you want to be ...

I think that more often, social media allows us to FEIGN getting together, which is actually *less* social than more so.
but i tend to disagree with most of them, especially that last one there. I think that once you find your niche in these social tools, like Twitter, it leads to some really interesting real life social interactions. The fact that I have some background on the people I have found really makes the real life meeting that much easier and more comfortable. Meeting people "cold" is not easy, but when you have that online rapport already established it helps the transition. Then once you have a base of these "online"/"offline" friends the tentacles spread out from there and you meet the friend of one of your friends and so on. Here is an irony for you, now when I meet these peripheral friends, if you will, I go online later and start following them, and the cycle starts again.

In my opinion, my foray into social media has led to some great contacts, good friends, and thet start of a burgeoning tech culture here in the DC area.

So what do you all think, does social media make you more social ?