advertisement to Launch Resource for SME Product Stewardship

I’ve been working with Earth911, which is morphing itself from a call-in line for recycling sites ( 1-800-CLEANUP) to a web-based resource on product stewardship,. It was started by a friend of mine as a nonprofit. He died, it went bankrupt, and was bought by some investor friends of mine who are turning it into a media resource for recycling. Historically, all government entities have participated with the locations of their recycling sites and what each accepts. This has created a very valuable searchable database for people who wish to drop off junk.trash/recyclables.

We’re right in the middle of the turnaround, but the first thing we did was rebuild the site on WordPress, so we can have user-generated content. We’re looking for contributors to the part of the site that deals with product stewardship for small business, which will launch in late February (soft) and on Earth Day (real).

 If you want to write articles on product stewarshipm Earth911 wants to hear from you.FH