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You've just come to Fast Company and noticed the changes. The site is more user-centric. It's got a lot of new features. And yes, there's another whole huge profile to fill out, complete with links and pictures and all the trimmings yet again. Here's why you should consider filling out the profile.

Outposts becomes another great place to meet people of interest. Meet them here. Interact with them here. But don't be shy about showing them your blog or website and getting them interested in your projects offsite. Make use of this social networking opportunity as a way to meet new people, talk about Fast Company related projects, and to share your other interests. Though it's some work, keeping up multiple touchpoints in the social networking stream, each has their value. 


Energized and Focused Community

Fast Company is a publication that focuses on innovation and forward-thinking leadership. That means readers of FC are even more likely to be people who share those ideals, and who have those passions. Join in. Collaborate. Share what interests you, and learn what others are passionate about. I attended some Boston area Company of Friends meetups in the 1990s and they were excellent ways to meet new people. Use the digital tools to do the same thing, and meet engaging people, like you!


A Voice at the Table

If Fast Company is making people the central focus of their site, take advantage of this offering. Make yourself heard. Put a picture of yourself in the profile. Fill out the human details of the profile. Share with people your thoughts, your ideas, your interests, and take part in this experiment by the people of Fast Company. I am definitely going to see what this blog opportunity offers me, as I've been a fan of the magazine since the way old days.


Welcome aboard! Try the site out. What do YOU make of it all?

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