Technology: Revision3 and Blip.TV BFF!

Web video companies Revision3 and blip.TV have formed a partnership to share content, with each website posting a portion of the other company’s videos. As the Internet TV space continues to evolve it is inevitable that such partnerships will happen. As another Web video exec, Azureus CEO Gilles BianRosa, told me, “The market isn’t really firmly established. It is easier to identify competitors when you have a market and market share.” Moves like this will help create a more robust market.

And this makes perfect sense for both companies — Revision3 creates video content, but its site isn’t much of a destination. Now Revision3 will have videos accessible in more places, and blip.TV gets a variety of content with a built-in following. Perhaps I should have seen it coming — When asked who he considered his competition, Revision 3 cofounder Jay Adelson replied: “We really not overlapping yet. Where I see competition is who is trying to get the same advertising dollars as I am.”

My guess is that the playing field for web video creators and distributors will continue to get muddy as partnerships will continue to form and the public gets more comfortable with following online television shows. Where do you see Internet TV heading?