Innovation Wednesday: Good Reads on Google’s Phone, Robobugs, Toyota’s advergame, Microsoft innovating in India

Here’s what caught Team InnoWed’s eye today:

G-Phone? Hello?
The official Google Blog announces the company’s acquisition of Jaiku, a Finnish startup (just seven employees, according to Helsingin Sanomat) that has developed microblogging software for cell phones, a Twitter rival (Here’s Robert Scoble’s FC column on these services). The Google Phone Watch continues, reports CNN.

Spy vs. Fly
Last year flying robots recorded more 160,000 hours of air time, four times as much as they flew four years ago. The Washington Post looks at the mysterious and risky development of cyborg moths, camera-toting insects, and other robobugs designed for spying. Don’t miss the dragonspies slide show.

Playing the Advergame
Another goodie from the Post on how Toyota is promoting the Yaris with an advergame – an ad disguised as a video game that can be downloaded to Xbox 360. The bar is getting higher for this new kind of ad. Toyota even hired the developer of the popular game Sonic the Hedgehog. Any Xboxers out there who can share a review?

Innovation Triangle Park
According to The Economic Times, Microsoft is opening its first innovation center in India early next year. Its inspiration: Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.