Design Thursday: What’s Good Design? You Decide.

Enough with the design pundits! The Cooper-Hewitt, America’s national design museum, thinks the people deserve a voice in anointing the world’s best-designed products. In anticipation of National Design Week (Oct. 14-20), the museum is inviting the public to log on to its site,, to nominate their favorite objects, or vote for faves that others have already listed.

Among the current top choices: TOMs slip-on shoes, a floating swimming pool in Brooklyn, yellow police tape that reads, “Everything is OK,” ice cubes that look like little chunks of pipe and, inevitably, the iPhone.

There’s plenty of opportunity to argue the merits of each nominee (and, this being a public forum, some of the comments admittedly verge on the nasty).

But make your voice heard soon. Voting ends on Oct. 16 at 6pm EST. Nominations will be tallied for the People’s Design Award, and the winner will be announced at the National Design Awards gala in New York on Oct. 18. That event will be streamed live on the museum’s site, so even if you don’t have a ticket, you can still tune in to the festivities and watch in your jammies. Nicely designed ones, of course.