Marketing: Wal-Mart Ads Embracing People and Prices

Yesterday, Wal-Mart announced its new advertising slogan: “Save Money. Live Better.” This is the latest move to embrace sustainability and improve the company’s image. This line replaces the one that has been used for 19 years, “Always Low Prices.”

This evolution of its message makes perfect sense PR-wise, but it is also practical. The slogan still conveys the affordability of the megastore’s goods, but also promotes the increased focus on people and improving the world. The idealist in me thinks this is great. But the cynic in me says the company has made this move so criticism that Wal-Mart’s employees don’t make a living-wage and words like “The High Cost of Low Prices” are downplayed.

You can watch the latest commercials at the company’s new Website. Do you think the slogan is an effective display of the company’s mission? Or is it merely a calculated move to improve the retail-giant’s image? Or is it both?