Tech Monday: New Media News Roundup

  • New York City Launches 9/11 Health Website
    New York City has launched a 9/11 Health Website, which not only has the city owning up to the fact that 9/11 has contributed greatly to the poor health of thousands of its inhabitants, but it also works the other side of the fence and does the clean up act and its part for social responsibility by providing beneficial resources.
  • Viral Campaigns Waste Marketers’ Time
    The recent JupiterResearch report “Viral Marketing: Bringing the Message to the Masses,” states that only 15% of viral campaigns launched within the last year have proven successful. Funny thing is, it’s not that viral campaigns don’t work, it’s that marketers don’t fully understand their audiences or what they’re doing.
  • Bionic Woman Fan Community Launches on Ning
    After watching an free first episode of the NBC’s Bionic Woman, a fan decided to enlist the power of community and create a social network on ning dedicated to the show. So far only the creator of the network, myself, and the series’ cast are members, but hey you’ve got to love the power of the Web for even making this possible.
  • Social Networking Sites Don’t Deepen Friendships
    Dr. Will Reader at Sheffield Hallam University and his team found that although the sites (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo) allowed contact with hundreds of acquaintances, as with conventional friendship networks, people tend to have around 5 close friends. Also, 90% of contacts that the subjects regarded as close friends were people they had met face to face.
  • Frogify Your Mobile Phone
    Frog is like the iGoogle or MyYahoo homepage for mobile phones. It’s a free set up that enables you to easily access your most used Web services simply from one home page. It’s better than creating a Favorites list, and it’s definitly made my mobile surfing a lot easier.
  • YPulse Tween Mashup Comes to New York
    The Mashup conference, produced by in partnership with Modern Media, helps media and marketing professionals understand how to reach tweens using technology in a multi-platform world. Kyra E. Reppen, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Nickelodeon MTVN Kids and Family Group’s Neopets will provide the opening keynote focused on the original youth-oriented virtual world, while Renee Hobbs, Professor of Communication and Director, Media Education Lab, Temple University, will present the luncheon address focusing on, a media literacy project for girls. Early adopter registration open until September 15.

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