Fish on Friday: Biz News Beyond the Ticker

A Friday sampler of business news and innovation from beyond the normal biznews channels.


Medical care that comes to you — 7 days a week
A veteran Austin technology entrepreneur has started a service that sends a doctor or nurse-practitioner to you when you’re sick [Austin American-Statesman]

An ‘Eco-Valley’ / ‘Green Valley’ Sprouting in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Whether you think Wal-Mart’s sustainability efforts are sincere or superficial, businesses are betting Wal-Mart is for real, stimulating a wave of green-biz relocations and startups in Fayetteville, a half-hour south of Wal-Mart’s headquarters. [The Washington Post]

Orlando Ponders an Undiscovered Place to Shop
City officials want to put stores and restaurants underneath Interstate 4 (the highway to Disney World) as it cuts through downtown Orlando — something they think has never been done before [The Orlando Sentinel]

Whole Foods Testing New ‘Grab & Go’ Convenience Store
As the typical Whole Foods store gets larger and larger, the organic superchain is converting one of its smaller, newly-acquired Wild Oats stores into an experimental convenience store format [Commercial Property News]

…Meanwhile, Whole Foods Closing Two Wild Oats in Oregon.
…and closing a Wild Oats in Portland, Maine; in Louisville, Kentucky; and in Nashville, Tennessee — while offering all Wild Oats store employees jobs at nearby Whole Foods stores

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