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When you write a story about a 17-year-old who has created a Web site with monthly ad revenue of as much as $70,000, dropped out of high school, and turned down a $1.5 million offer to sell her business — all this before she's even gotten her driver's license — the blogoshere sits up and notices. A sampling so far:

From Naomi Grossman at smallbizresource: "The simple ingenuity of Qualls's idea and her passionate pursuit of it can serve as a reminder to small business owners of what they know is a key ingredient of success, but sometimes forget."

From Idolator and an item titled "You Knew It Was Coming: Teen Girls Now Really Do Control the Music Industry": "We're either looking at another viral marketing dead end, a generation of kids being used as drug mules for teenpop videos, or a future crop of record-exec Doogie Howsers."

From Leonard Bartholomew at Moxie-Drive: "If any of you don't already know, I have coined a phrase that I use frequently: Internet Marketing By Accident. Ashley's website is the best example that I have ever seen of this."

From Pat McCarthy at ConversionRater: "It helps to be your demographic. Even though I’m much more experienced on the web and in the web business world, Ashley would do a better job of building than I would because she is the target audience...You understand their needs, their wants, what they’re thinking, and what they do and don’t think is cool."

From Dosh Dosh: "I particularly like how Ashley quit high school and took classes online to concentrate on her business because it shows her passion and her determination for success. She knows that she has a golden goose and did the right thing by devoting full attention to it."

From Saba, Ink at Associated Content: "If the young lady could parlay a small initial investment from her mom into a million dollar enterprise, manage consultants in India, hire her friends as employees and purchase a home in which to run a business out of, why does she now need state "support" ? I have a few thoughts on that for the state but I'll just leave with this: "OMG dudes! Just leave my BFF Ashley alone to keep living her life....whatever?!?!"