Blockbuster Chooses Blu-ray — Is the Format War Ending?

The high-density optical disc format war is slowly tipping in Blu-ray’s favor. Blockbuster has announced that they will support Sony’s format over the HD-DVD format. Though some stores will still carry HD-DVD, all of the Blockbuster stores will have Blu-ray. This, coupled with Blu-ray maintaining a sales lead, makes it seem that Sony’s high-definition format may win the war.

Thank goodness.

As I have stated before, I dislike format wars. I have a hi-def television with no hi-def disc-players. Since there are no clear leaders, there aren’t enough manufacturers creating players and bringing down the price on the players. I will not buy a $500 player or a $300 player that doesn’t have full capabilities. I will not buy an HD-DVD player knowing I will also have to buy a Blu-ray player. But it seems that is changing.

With any luck, in one year all of the Hollywood studios will support Blu-ray and then all players will have full capabilities (1080p picture, true-HD sound) at $300. And then I, and many others I suspect, will finally jump-in.

What will it take for either Blu-ray or HD-DVD to come out in the lead? Will one format have to conform to the other in order to be successful?

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