Steve Jobs Keynote: Leopard and Safari Updates — Few iPhone Details

Steve Jobs just finished his keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. The big announcements?

Mac’s new OS Leopard will be $129 when it is released in October. Jobs discussed several features, including upgraded widgets, iChat with the ability for users to look at presentations and PDFs together, and Cover flow with PDFs and videos. Jobs also announced that Apple’s Internet browser Safari would be available for Windows.

Keying in on the metric that iTunes has been downloaded 500 million times on Windows machines, Apple wants to bring that success to Safari and expand its market share beyond its current 5%.

Jobs talked about the iPhone last, reiterating the June 29 release date. He said that Internet on iPhone was the full Internet, and that Ajax and Web 2.0 sites will be supported. Apple will immediately release tools so that developers can create add-ons for Ajax in Safari that can be ported to the iPhone’s operating system.

While it was good to learn more details about Leopard, and see the surprise about Safari, many were expecting new details about the iPhone. Some hoped for a description of final features. Others, including myself, were looking for pricing on the AT&T service. I find it surprising that Steve Jobs didn’t focus on the iPhone more. Then again, it is impressive that the Developer’s Conference actually focused on what developers care about, rather than on marketing some new product tangential to the developer’s efforts.

Did Steve do the right thing on pushing Leopard and not focusing on the iPhone? Will this lack of attention hurt the hype for the phone’s coming release?

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