Toyota Takes On . . .Diesel

Toyota says rev up your engines and listen to that non-existent roar of their hybrid vehicles as they take over the market!

Masatami Takimoto, president in charge of powertrain development for Toyota, said that he foresees all Toyota models being hybrid by 2020, despite a slight stall in popularity of the Prius due to rising costs. The 430,000 Prius were sold last year.

The enviro-friendly autogiant is looking to cut costs for their hybrid vehicles by developing new battery technology. The new Prius, due out in late 2008/early 2009, will most likely include a lithium-ion battery.

Toyota’s announcement to be completely hybrid by the end of the next decade comes at a time when diesel vehicles are giving the hybrids a run for their money due to increased performance and comparable green attributes.

Do you think that other automakers will follow Toyota’s example or are the costs too high? For more on Toyota check out this article in Fast Company magazine.