Innovation Should be Change for the Greater Good

Christopher Hire, Innovator-In-Chief of 2thinknow, a global innovation agency, recently posted a blurb to Technorati’s WTF urging creatives to define innovation, instead of leaving it up to technology companies and government bureaucrats. His agency belives: “Innovation is a change to benefit and advance mankind and civilization.” To which Hire adds:

“Innovation should be about good DESIGN, about inspiration, about ART, about culture, about creativity, about nature and green.”

And from his company’s site:

“If it doesn’t do good, if it doesn’t excite and if it’s not contagious, then it’s not innovative. It’s more fried chicken. And more unneeded change.

What do you think of Hire’s take on innovation? Is he on to something? Are creatives not currently involved in many of the major innovations currently taking place? Is much of the so-called innovation currently taking place unneeded?

Of course I can’t tell for sure, but I’m wondering if Hire is talking about such things as social networks and RSS readers, or perhaps even microblogging. Are these things unnecessary?