ad:tech SF: The Digital Decade

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to conduct the ad:tech San Francisco opening keynote interview with aQuantive CEO Brian McAndrews. In “The Digital Decade: What the Past 5 Years Can Teach Us About the Next 5,” McAndrews discussed surviving the bust, the difference in this Web boom vs the last, mergers & acquisitions within the marketing/advertising industry, as well as the affects of social media and mobile on marketing.

Of note was McAndrews statement that all media would be going digital in the next five years.

“I think we’ll be a lot closer to all digital in the next five years,” Mr. McAndrews said. “The market will be significantly larger, and it is our belief is that ultimately all media will become digital. The biggest medium of all, television, will become digital. The Internet is the beginning, but it is still one channel.” (via DM News)

As for the future of marketing on mobile, he said:

“There’s a healthy tension between advertisers and agencies on the one hand — who want to push publishers for standards — but on the other hand, advertisers want innovation and for publishers to give them creative ideas. I think a mistake can be made if we try to format mobile too quickly.” (via iMedia Connection)