Next Level DVD Bootlegging

Maybe I have the wrong idea about SSupload, a video sharing and uploading community made possible by, a Web development company that creates advanced scripts for webmasters seeking to generate revenue from entertainment websites.

Visiting SSupload is like going to your neighborhood barbershop on Saturday and watching a movie that just came out on Friday. And the quality of many of the videos are just as bad as the ones you find street bootleggers hawking. Yes, you’ll miss several minutes of the movie when someone decides to go to the bathroom or to the concession stand for a snack. We should’ve figured that eventually someone would have done something illegal with movies beyond P2P or Torrents.

The truth is, though the site’s treading on some serious legal ground, is it any different than what sites like IMEEM or esnips offer? The ability to share content, without the ability to download. There’s a constant thread with most of these sites, most of the community is sharing content that doesn’t even belong to them. It’s how YouTube got popular — with clips from The Daily Show and SNL. And in this case, there’s competition facing the distribution deals that entertainment companies have made with the likes of Bittorrent, Amazon,, and iTunes, or even Joost.

The old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is certainly true in this case. People always want something for nothing. And the same way that offline bootleggers continue to exist, so will the online ones. It’s just that in the case of online, entertainment media companies have a better shot at making a partner out of a criminal.