SXSW: Boss Lady

Since I couldn’t be two places at the same time, but wanted to hear this panel as well as Production Companies 2.0: Taking Online Video to the Next Level, I got there kind of late. And still, I took away a couple of points.

The panel was moderated by Emira Mears, Boss Lady, while participants included Lauren Bacon, Partner, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio; Alex Beauchamp, Girl at Play; Vickie Howell, Pres, Vickie Howell Inc, and Jenny Hart, Owner/Founder, Sublime Stitching.

I’m not sure how the rest of the panel went, but during the Q&A session, at just the time I arrived, it sounded like an empowering workshop. From the SXSW schedule:

“Successful, creative and self-taught entrepreneurs (from graphic designers, to producers, to crafters) will discuss and offer advice on what it’s really like to be the gal running the show. With experience running their own successful businesses on-line and off, each of these women has a wealth of information, advice and success stories to share. The panel will explore what makes business different from a female perspective, the particular challenges the panelists have faced, how to create/maintain a business with/without employees and how to achieve financial success all without boas or pink markers.”

So when it comes to being successful for women in business, this is what I heard the panel say:

  • don’t be afraid to be perceived as a b****
  • you don’t need classes to do this, just kick ass at your job
  • ask for what you want
  • evaluate your opportunity to advance
  • if you’re doing all you believe you can do and they’re not responding, find something else to do


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