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Lauren Bush, the 22-year-old niece of President Bush, is getting political with fashion. The Princeton University senior and fashion model is designing a line of shoulder bags to help combat world hunger. Lauren Bush was seen sporting her tote a couple weeks ago at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York City. The side of the bag reads "Feed the Children of the World, and is being dubbed her "Feed Bag" tote.

Bush will reportedly not be making any profits off of her new line, but instead give the money to the United Nations World Food Program, where each bag will help feed one child for a year. As a student ambassador of the U.N. World Food Program, Bush has helped rally other University students for the cause. Last October, she participated in a campaign at Georgetown University that established an alliance of American colleges and universities that are helping to fight the war on hunger.

But Bush believes her appreciation for fashion is what will get more people dedicated to her cause. "We all need to encourage students to use their individual talents to fight hunger," she said in a VOA news report in October.

While Bush's name will not appear on any labels for her Feed Bag project, her name and modeling credits will no doubt fuel its success. Fashion Week Daily gives Bush credit for developing an "organic lifestyle brand." And even though she may be the only Bush to actively speak out for a worldwide cause, she is following in the footsteps of several other celebrities who are using their star power to inspire change.

Perhaps the most noticeable celeb-inspired campaign in recent months was GAP's (RED) clothing and accessories line, which was launched by Bono in the fall of 2006. A percentage of all (RED) products that are sold go to help fight AIDS in Africa. GAP also joined forces with other companies such as Motorola, Converse, Giorgio Armani and Apple to launch other specially branded products for the (RED) line.

Bush's efforts are admirable, especially at such a young age. Now-a-days, in our celebrity-obsessed culture, it is a sad truth that we need celebrity do-gooders to encourage us to save the world. With that said, the Feed Bag will go on sale at on April 1.