The Man on the Moon Goes Green in the Face

NASA has proposed a livable lunar structure by 2028 where astronauts will be able to live on the moon for periods of six months at a time. In preparation for this trip, NASA has developed a guide, 181 Things to Do on the Moon, which lays out how the astronauts will spend their time.

NASA made up the document after consulting more than 1000 people from business, academia, and 13 space agencies. It takes a page out of Al Gore’s book, with initiatives that will keep the moon “green.” While it probably won’t be LEED certified, the moon structure will have waste management systems that “store, process, and dispose” of human waste in an effort to recycle, as well as aqueous and air management systems that will use components of the soil to replenish the air and water supplies.

It seems that some of the lessons we have learned here on earth (and have heard Al Gore spouting for years) have sunk into the NASA mega-brain. What else do you think the space-folk can do to make the moon more eco-friendly?