Social Networking On The Brain

It seems like almost every media and entertainment business has social networking on the brain nowadays. For proof, I look no further than the conferences, and panels at conferences, lining up for the next couple of months.


Social Media 2007
When: Jan. 30 – 31
Where: Atlanta, GA
What: Social Media 2007 will focus on corporate blogging and podcasting case studies. Geared for small and large organizations looking to implement social media to engage their employees, reach their customers and build their brand.

Community Next
When: Feb. 10
Where: Stanford University
What: The premier conference on how successful online communities and social networks: 1. Build; 2. Grow; 3. Monetize.

How to Embrace the Social Media Culture
When: Mar. 22 -23
Where: Blogher Business 2007, New York, NY
What: Take a closer look at these questions: Who should blog for your company?
How do you enact “authenticity”? How much ‘I’ is ‘TMI’?

Creating Community & Better Social Networking
When: Apr. 19
What: MinDay 2007, New York, NY
What: While many print brands rode the second Web wave to profitable shores, the new and improved Internet poses unique challenges to the magazine industry. Readers are spending more time networking with one another than with branded content. Can magazines make their famously tight “relationship” with their readers a genuine social exchange online?

Are there any conferences or panels about social networking that you’re looking forward to attending? Is social networking relevant to your business?