Is a 1UP Sale Going Down?

Ziff Davis’ 1UP network may soon be sold to MTV, according to game industry news site GameDaily. 1UP is known for its large community devoted to video games and its multimedia offerings. Both perennial game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and the new Games for Windows magazine websites are part of the 1UP network.

A few members of the 1UP community have started discussions about the website’s sale. First, a partnership with Dell spurred the rumor that Dell bought 1UP. And then talk about MTV’s supposed interest began after the GameDaily article appeared. One of 1UP’s editors, Andrew Pfister, replied to the message board that, “1UP/EGM has not been bought by anybody.” Except for this buried message, there have been no blogs or news stories from 1UP’s editors about the rumor. Not even a “no comment” has been posted to the site. And, Ziff Davis PR has relayed that company CEO Bob Callahan has “no comment regarding rumors.”

So what about the hub-bub at various gaming sites, from Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid and GameDaily? Is this a case of an unsubstantiated rumor being blown out of proportion? Or is it denial during the sensitive time surrounding a sale? Stay tuned.