Sony, For the Win?

Despite the criticism they have faced, the analysts at Datamonitor believe Sony will regain their position as leader in the video game industry, with 75 million units sold worldwide by 2010.

As I stated in a previous article, Sony’s PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 have sold over 100 million worldwide. If Datamonitor is correct, their lead will not be as dominant as it was before, with Nintendo and Microsoft providing greater competition than in the past.

The summary of the report implies that Sony will dominate once more due to their online offerings. This is a strange reason, considering the success of Microsoft’s Xbox Live. If anything will contribute to Sony overcoming their current position in third-place, it will be brand loyalty and the popularity of the games exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

Other analysts have given different predictions, though. DFC Intelligence believes Sony will be last in the game console wars, unless they price drops considerably–a view seconded by Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research in my article (linked to above).

Which will it be? Will Sony dominate after a slow start? Or will they continue to struggle for market share?KO