Dick in a Box

Can you say that on T.V.? How about on the Internet?

It’s the chorus to Andy Samberg’s most recent mock music video, which aired last week on Saturday Night Live, and has been all over the Internet ever since.

Samberg, the comic mind behind the SNL skit “Lazy Sunday” (better known as “The Chronic-What?-cles of Narnia”), infused the late night show with a burst of energy when he joined the cast in September of 2005 and started making mock music videos.

His latest is a holiday jingle called “A Special Christmas Box”, in which he and pop star, Justin Timberlake, sing a song about giving their girlfriends a “dick in a box” for Christmas.

When the three-minute video was originally broadcast, NBC omitted the four-letter word every time the chorus came around. But in the version put on their website (see it here), the network decided to leave the video unedited.

The FCC, of course, has no jurisdiction over what NBC puts on the Internet. Still, the decision marks the first time a major network has done something like this.

Do you see this as a creative way for NBC to maximize viewers and show their content in its purest form, or was this an ill-advised stunt to show off their ability to skirt censorship? After all, they still have a brand image to uphold, and offering instructions (which JT does) on how to make a “Dick in a Box” isn’t exactly family-friendly.