Vote for Rory

Rory Fitzpatrick, a hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks, is the prototypical NHL journeyman. During his 11-year career, he’s played in 226 games for five different teams, scored nine goals, and has 18 assists. And he may be on the starting line for the NHL All Star game.

Why? Because Steve Schmid, a Buffalo Sabres (and Fitzpatrick) fan started, a web site dedicated to, you guessed it, getting Fitzpatrick into the All Star game. And it’s worked. As of this writing, people have voted for Rory some 428,832 times, vaulting him to second place in the balloting, behind Scott Niedermayer (14 seasons, 131 goals, 438 assists) by about 19,000 votes.

Even though the players, including Fitzpatrick, are amused, but a little wary of the whole thing–If Rory gets on the team, it means another player perhaps better deserving has been left off–as Schmid says in this story, his campaign has got others interested in hockey who wouldn’t otherwise follow the sport. While this is one of those using-the-power-of-the-Internet-to-do-funny-things kinds of stories, it’s one that the NHL should heed, because they need all the fans they can get.

(photo courtesy CNN/Sports Illustrated)