User Generated Content Gets Kudos

On Sunday, after first hearing about Time magazine’s person of the year, I thought about blogging about it. Seeing the cover, with it’s iMac image with a YouTube controller, reminded me of the early ’80s when the personal computer was chosen as the person of the year. Though, this time, it wasn’t actually the computer, but instead, “You.” You, in the sense of the users of all the Web 2.0 tools out there — the MySpacers, YouTubers, Diggers, vloggers, and the like.

And while I wanted to blog about it I didn’t. Even yesterday, as I sat and watched the conversation unfold over at Techmeme, Technorati, and via Google alerts.

But like Robert Scoble, I thought everyone would be blogging about it anyway. And then after Darren Rowse, “Time Wins Linkbaiter of the Year Award,” became one of the most widely read posts on the topic, I really decided not to blog about it.

So why am I here blogging about it today? Because I realize that while Web 2.0 and user generated content has taken off, and Time has ordained everyone who participates in the culture, there’s still a mass of folks who have no idea what an RSS reader is, have never used YouTube, or don’t have a Linkedin, Facebook, or MySpace account. In fact, there are many who don’t know, or don’t care to know what these tools and social networking sites are all about. There are even those, reading this very post, who don’t even realize that this is a blog entry and not a daily news report. It is for you — the luddite, the technophobe, the newbie — so that you too may know what all of the hype is about, and learn how much the world around you is changing.