Packing in the New Security Age

“Prohibition hasn’t quite arrived at the airlines. But, thanks to tough new TSA rules limiting liquids in carry-ons, the easiest way to fly is dry,” writes Owen N. Wild, Director of Marketing for Amadeus North America, and Fast Company Business Travel Resource Center Columnist.

He says that opting to check bags vs. carrying them on is the “anti-strategy.” Further, he notes:

“Reverting to checking your bags to meet TSA rules violates several road warrior rules. First, it guarantees you’ll be spending more time than ever at the airport — waiting to check your bag at the start of your trip and waiting at the baggage carousel at the end of your trip. (That’s on top of the wait time for going through security and being at the gate at least one-half hour before departure.) Second, and more important, checking your bag makes it prey to the “vicissitudes” of airport baggage systems.”

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