Blogger Could be Sued for Copyright Violations

There’s a story in the New York Daily News today, in which celebrity photographers are accusing hollywood gossip blog of using photos without proper credit. These photographers, and the agencies that represent them, want to get paid.

Seven of Hollywood’s top photographers have reportedly banded together and are threatening to sue the site’s owner for allegedly stealing pictures. It appears, is making a fortune off the site, by exploiting the work of these photographers. Often, scandalous celebrity pics are posted on the site, without proper credit given to photographers and their agencies, and photographers claim they are not being adequately compensated.

The photographers have written the site’s owner a little, asking him to cough up the cash, or expect to be sued. In response to an e-mail sent by the Daily News, the site’s owner, Mario Lavandeira said:

“I have yet to be personally served with this lawsuit. My lawyers and I will address the situation when we have an opportunity to review the materials.”

This issue with the PerezHilton site could be the first of many similar issues as more entertainment and gossip blogs become popular and start to rake in significant revenue. Independent bloggers may find themselves becoming more like media companies after all. And I’m referring more to the business side of things, and all of the responsibility that comes with it.