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Does anyone remember the old SNL skit advertising "Bad Idea" jeans? This hilarious parody of Levis ads portrayed the wearers of "Bad Idea" jeans making horrible decisions. People sporting "Bad Idea" jeans would say things like, "Now that I have kids, I feel much better having a gun in the house." It was funny stuff, but it made a good point: There are brands that are a really "Bad Idea."

Today I was horrified to learn of the birth of what may be the WORST brand in history – Paris Hilton. Parlux Fragrances, Inc. has signed an agreement to develop and market the Paris Hilton Cosmetics line. Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Parlux also plans to manufacture Paris Hilton watches. (Because it's important to be on time for hair extensions)

To top it all off, Parlux's CEO released a statement yesterday saying, "Paris Hilton is an extraordinary young lady with an ever-growing international following." Extrordinary? Well, that depends on your definition. Hilton was recently branded as a "partytard" by and is well known for her porn star capabilities. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not buying lipstick from someone whose sex videos are all over the Internet.

I'm under the impression that when most women shop for cosmetics, they look for a solid name in femininity, class, and understatement. Last time I checked, this party girl is anything but. Just today, the New York Post headlined with a story of Paris and Britney Spears hitting the town without any underwear.

If Parlux plans to make a successful brand out of panty-less Paris, they should probably buy her some undergarments before she starts making public appearances. I'm wondering what market Parlux will target for the Paris line. Moms with tweens may be hesitant to purchase it, and the 18-24 market is already pretty comfortable with brands like Maybelline and Clinique.

What do you think? Is it possible to build a successful cosmetics line around Paris the party girl? Or is Miss Hilton the ultimate "Bad Idea" brand?