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Gaming Console Wars

After first week sales, it appears as if Nintendo's Wii has beat out Sony's Playstation 3. As we reported in our online exclusive, "Sony's Risky Game," earlier this month, Sony faced serious challenges with meeting demand for its gaming system. Though both consoles sold out on their first day to market: Nov. 17 for the $500-$600 PS3 and Nov. 19 for the $250 Wii, Nintendo seems to be winning the battle because of a greater supply.

According to USA Today, New Media Strategies, a research firm that monitored Web activity related to the systems released a report that revealed: "Many gave up on getting a PS3 and opted for the Wii. And 38 percent who sought a PS3 and were subjected to sleep deprivation, lost wages, missed classes, the elements, and even muggings came away from the experience with a bitter taste in their mouths." About 49 percent of online discussions were favorable to Wii, compared with 27 percent for PS3. Says the firm's Sam Huxley: "The hype machine went too far."

Overall, Nintendo reported North American sales of more than 600,000 units of Wii in eight days, with about $190 million in sales. Meanwhile, though Sony has not disclosed total sales, the company says it will ship 1 millions PS3 systems in North America by the end of the year, compared to the 4 million units of Wii that will have been made available for consumer consumption. In comparison, reports reveal that Microsoft has shipped more than 6 million of its Xbox 360s since its launch in November 2005.

Though quality of each respective console will definitely play a part in consumer demand, supply and price point may end up being the determinant of which unit wins this war. Ultimately, this could mean the end of video game domination for Sony.