Kramer’s Racist Remarks Not Funny

Michael Richards, best known as Seinfeld’s Kramer, entertained sitcom audiences for ten years as a zany, outspoken character who would do or say pretty much anything. This weekend at a famous Los Angeles comedy club, fans were shocked at his ability to do just that. During his show, Richards launched into a racist rant, confronting black members of the Laugh Factory audience with repeated use of the N-word and various other epithets.

Richards said he was prompted by the heckling of audience members who were disrespectfully loud and told him he wasn’t funny. He called black hecklers the N-word and told them that 50 years ago, they would have been “hung upside down” for such comments. A tape of his tirade can be found on

Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, Richards issued an apology stating that his outburst was a result of anger, not bigotry.

Check out the tapes. Is Richards sincere, and did he just let anger get the best of him? Or is he really racist? What about his career? Will it suffer?