Toyota Goes Texan

This morning, Toyota officially opened its new, $1.2 billion factory in San Antonio to produce a bigger version of its Tundra pickup truck.

Some observers are calling this big new plant a gamble. It’s a huge investment in big trucks–an attack on the one market segment where U.S. automakers are still making money, and an effort that fights Toyota’s longtime reputation for small, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Want to know why it’s not that big a risk, really? Why Toyota will probably pull it off? Read “No Satisfaction”, Charles Fishman’s story in our new issue–a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work at Toyota’s oldest U.S. factory. Toyota’s success is all about a continuous improvement strategy that’s not just bluster. It’s real, it’s pervasive, and it reaches every corner of the company. No doubt, it’s making the new joint in San Antonio tick, too.