The Upside of Long Restroom Lines


Yet another dispatch from the first annual Bathroom Blogfest

I’m standing in line at the upstairs restroom during the break at Pop!Tech, the Davos-like conference held every year at the Opera House in Camden, Maine. Pop!Tech’s agenda is to explore the intersection of technology and popular culture. Needless to say, the (male) geek to girl ratio is pretty high (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

There’s a very congested bathroom downstairs for the main floor, and a one room affair upstairs near the balcony, where the bloggers congregate.The line is moving very slowly. The usual restroom line conversation breaks out: “Why arent’ there more bathrooms for women?” someone inevitably asks. Janet Baker, one of the original founders of Dragon Systems voice recognition software, chimes in, “We should be happy there are enough of us here to form a line.”

Good point.

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