Posh Porta-potty


Another tinkle in this week’s Bathroom Blogfest.:

I’m heading to New York from Boston by bus. Yes, it’s true: I lead a very glam life. But this is a very special bus. It’s the LimoLiner, a sort of ritzy rig, with big leather seats, wi-fi, a ‘flight’ attendant, TV, and snacks…a sort of Jet Blue on wheels.

One of the best things about this bus? The bathroom. It’s a clean, well-lighted, spacious place, with full length mirrors, Silestone counter tops, a hammered nickel sink, and get this: fresh flowers! Yes, they’re tired-looking carnations in water that is none too fresh, but I’m not complaining.

If they can do this on a bus, what’s the airlines’ excuse?

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