What Do You Want From A Magazine Website?

Interesting article today in today’s Wall Street Journal about Time Inc. and its latest attempt at a coherent Web strategy. The piece raises some important issues about what we want from our print media’s online forays. Perhaps the most telling paragraph is this one, highlighting what Time Inc has planned for some of its flagship titles:

Time Inc. plans to invest millions of dollars in coming months to build up its biggest sites. The enhancements will include more professional video and portfolio tools for investors at CNNMoney. The company is considering making acquisitions to expand into social networking and user-generated content. And at, the publisher plans to invest in blogs, video and other features.

Do you want more video from your print titles? Do you want more tools or an opportunity to hang out? Or do you do those things elsewhere? It’s a good story to read after this month’s Fast Company feature on the digital newspaper guru Rob Curley.

So what do you want from the Web version of your favorite magazines (yes, including Fast Company)?