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  • Sony Reader Fosters Hand-Eye Coordination
    “The Sony Reader, a hand-held portable device for reading electronic books, went on sale online yesterday after months of delays and technical tweaks.”
  • Why IM When You Can Ping Me?
    “IF instant messaging has you thumb-tied, maybe Pinger, a new service from a start-up company, could get you interested in exchanging brief messages by cellphone or computer.”
  • What Detroit’s Pain
    Means for Auto Buyers

    “Detroit’s pain is translating into lower sticker prices for the new model year, though not necessarily better deals across the board for car buyers.”
  • Inquiry of H-P May Face Setback; Computer Apparently Is Destroyed
    “A Colorado man suspected of surreptitiously obtaining telephone numbers in the Hewlett-Packard Co. leak investigation told an investigator last week that he had destroyed his computer, according to a person familiar with the probe.”
  • Berlin resolves Mozart opera spat
    “A controversial Mozart opera adapted to include a scene showing Mohammed’s severed head on stage appears set for a new run in Berlin after the German government said the show must go on as a “signal of closer dialogue” with the country’s 3.4m Muslims.”