Power Hungry Machines

At today’s Intel Development Forum, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) engineers will present a white paper on power efficiency, according to The New York Times.

Google engineers have been publicly concerned about the high cost of power and low efficiency of computers for some time, warning that if performance-per-watt stays where it is now, power costs could eventually overtake hardware costs. The search giant even builds its own servers, among other reasons, to save money on power consumption.

Expected to be included in today’s presentation is a proposal to shift from multi-voltage power supplies to a single 12-volt standard — in other words, a simpler design that would allow for higher efficiency.

Google is not the only company that is trying to address the high costs of power and low efficiency of many computers. Over the last year, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has been shifting much of its focus from speed to reduced power consumption.

Which is a bigger concern for you or your business — speed or electric bills? Has your bottom line been affected by power-inefficient computers?FCS