Where’s the (Airline) beef?

Today’s WSJ has a piece on airlines courting the most profitable international travelers., “Airlines Beef Up Offerings to Woo Profitable International Travelers“:

Let’s hope the pursuit of these international lanes by U.S. airlines does not result in exporting our poorer experience standards to overseas travel (I’m amazed at how Continental — an airline I actually find doing a decent job at staging experiences — has managed to differentiate itself among today’s domestic carriers simply by not removing peanuts and pillows from flights!)

While the move to woo international passengers becomes the aim of U.S. airlines, I’d like to see U.S. policymakers woo foreign airlines by lifting the ban that prohibits them from operating domestic routes in the United States. Such competition would invariably lead to better service and more enjoyable experiences. Of course, the economic naysayers lurking here will undoubtedly find such a threat to the job security of domestic airline service employees.