An ‘American Idol’ Moment for Fast Company?

The Wal-Mart Effect, the bestselling book by Fast Company veteran Charles Fishman, is a finalist for an unusual new book award called The Quills. Finalists in 19 categories are chosen by librarians and booksellers. The novelty is this: the winners in each category are chosen by readers, voting online. (J.K. Rowling’s latest Harry Potter installment and “Freakonomics” were among last year’s winners.)

Fishman has been at Fast Company since the beginning, with a story in FC 01, and “The Wal-Mart Effect” started out as one of the most-popular stories ever for Fast Company. The book was excerpted in the magazine in January.

We wanted to take a moment to salute the book’s finalist status, and also let readers know about the voting. Because this is only the second year of The Quills, even many diligent readers aren’t aware of the awards, and how they’re chosen. They really are a chance for book lovers to make their voices heard.

Business book voting is here, book of the year voting is here, and all 19 categories are available from every voting page. Voting lasts until September 30 — the results will be announced Oct. 10.