Celebrate OneWebDay!

Friday, netizens of the world will celebrate the first annual OneWebDay, an “Earth Day for the Web.” Public events celebrating the influence of the web are planned in locations worldwide, including New York, Austin, London, Bulgaria, Tokyo and the Philippines.

In New York, from 12:00 to 2:00 at The Battery, near Castle Clinton, a panel that includes Craig Newmark, of craigslist, will speak about how the Internet is changing peoples’ lives.

The event’s founders encourage groups and individuals to come up with their own way of celebrating OneWebDay. They especially suggest participating in a web-related action that helps someone else, such as teaching someone how to start a blog or edit a wiki. Other suggested projects include collecting and posting stories to document local history, calling or IMing five strangers to wish them well, or opening your home WIFI to your neighbors.

OneWebDay has already inspired the ambitious, if a little cheesy, OneWebDay anthem, by Mario Tosto. The ode contains the stanza:

Netizens, our new name now,
Cyberspace our new estate.
Reflect, connect, and spread respect,
Create, relate and celebrate
One Web, one world one wish today.

Do you have anything planned for OneWebDay?