In Today’s Papers

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  • Microsoft releases details of its iPod competitor, Zune
    “Microsoft (MSFT) on Thursday released some details about its Zune media player, saying it will go beyond Apple’s (AAPL) iPod, offering FM radio and wireless technology.”
  • Music Chief Rails at Websites
    “Head of Universal says social spots such as YouTube and MySpace help violate copyrights.”
  • Ford Offers 75,000 Workers Buyouts
    “The Ford Motor Company and the United Automobile Workers union agreed today on a program that will offer buyouts and other incentives to more than 75,000 Ford workers in the United States to persuade them to leave their jobs.”
  • Wall Street dips on fears over inflation
    “US stocks dipped slightly on Thursday after retail sales data rekindled inflationary fears and pulled the major indices away from four-month highs.”
  • Lockyer Widens Probe of HP
    “He gets Massachusetts’ help as a private eye’s firm there is named as a focus of the spying case.”