NBC Goes Broadband with NBBC

NBC is revamping its business model and creating a new company with an online-based venture they call the National Broadband Company, or NBBC.

NBBC will distribute video programs and content from NBC networks and other established producers to websites worldwide, including NBC’s own sites.

NBBC is a joint venture between NBC Universal and NBC’s 230 local affiliate stations. As such, NBBC will have its hands full deciding which programs and clips to make available on the Internet. Both national and local stations expect to capitalize on the opportunity to have their programs broadcast in another venue. Many say this is NBC’s attempt at countering the growing threat from other video distribution websites like Google and YouTube.

NBBC will provide users with the opportunity to download and watch their favorite segments — even complete with a commercial break that runs before each piece. Initially the company plans to offer clips no longer than 7 minutes in duration, but may offer full-length programming in future.

Oddly, although this venture is based around broad dissemination, NBBC has already put strict regulations in place for the distribution of its programming, as none of their content can legally be inserted in personal blogs or web pages.

What do you think? Does NBBC sound like it’s headed for success? Or will restricting the distribution of their content and working only with big-name producers hurt them in the long run?