In Today’s Papers

  • No Day at the Beach
    “Bloggers struggle with what to do about vacation.”
  • Coming To Video Games: Live Ads
    “Game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. announced yesterday that it has inked deals with two ad companies that will stream live advertising into its games.”
  • Payrolls Grew by 128,000 in August
    “Hiring perked up in August as employers added 128,000 jobs, pulling down the unemployment rate to 4.7 percent and flashing a Labor Day weekend message of an economic expansion that still has staying power.”
  • California agrees on global warming bill
    “Businesses in California began to grapple with the need to reduce their greenhouse gases on Thursday following a deal on legislation that would mean mandatory caps on emissions for energy-intensive industries in the state.”
  • A woman spurned
    “The loyal St. John customer was turned off by its sexy new look and ad campaign. So now the label is trying to make amends.”
  • Back nine may soon become a Starbucks — or a subdivision
    “Golf courses are being plowed under in record numbers to make way for residential and commercial developments.”