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Heiress Airwaves?

Paris Hilton’s self-titled album came out yesterday, and our prediction from March was partly right. It sounds… better than I’m comfortable admitting. Tolerable even. Which can only mean she has some talent? Or perhaps our note on the timeless importance of the music producer was right on the money, and Scott Storch (the self-proclaimed "Meyer Lansky of hip-hop") and the gang sprinkled a little studio fairy dust on it. It could be the placebo effect, but I thought I could hear a hint of Auto-Tune in there, which leads me to think it's the latter.

Either way, there’s nothing authentic about the promotional footage of Hilton recording posted on – little more than a slick music video with Hilton posing next to a mic (with spit guard, mind you). The high quality content stood in stark contrast from the usual lo-fi video most users post. But some genuine clips – or at least genuine-appearing ones – of the heiress actually laying down tracks might have assuaged audience and critic doubt (that’s assuming a lot). Was that a brilliant move by Warner Bros. or an incredibly stupid one? Does it matter? As it is, we may never know for sure.