Shopsin’s: Authentic to the Core

“In his feature debut, noted artist, illustrator and video-director Mahurin celebrates one of his favorite restaurants — Shopin’s, a Greenwich Village institution. What emerges is a hilarious and heartfelt hymn to individuality, independence and idiosyncrasy — not just in the kitchen, but in life.”

Has anyone caught the documentary on Shopsin’s by Matt Mahurin? It’s called I Like Killing Flies.

The bug of Shopsin’s was unrelenting. In the early ’90s, a photographer directed me to the fly-filled restaurant where you could basically order whatever you wanted as long as they had the ingredients on the shelf. Shopsin’s was definitely a business built on the love of others. It was not a place to go to feel loved as New Yorker magazine reported in 2002 , but it was addictive, confident. Certainly, inspiring. And filled with lots of lessons to take away.