Your Most Valuable Asset

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best people in your company’s field is often only lip service in my experience. I run a specialized niche recruiting firm and witness the good, the bad, and the ugly of hiring practices on a daily basis – and have for 10 years. (They’re mostly ugly)

So when 2 clients show exceptional fortitude and commitment in the War for Talent, it’s noticed.

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky is arguably the hottest ad agency in the country at the moment. With their HQ in Miami, FL they must relocate a majority of their hires. About a year ago they announced the opening of a 2nd office in Boulder, CO. The brilliance in this move was unmistakable – life on Miami Beach is certainly not for all, and their standards require them to hire only talented, clever, dedicated professionals – nothing less. A 2nd location in a different region was pure genius. That office is now operating and candidates often have a choice as to which location they’ll work from during the recruitment process. These guys have figured out a lot about marketing, and even more about recruitment. (For a snapshot, check this out:

Our 2nd client with a truly innovative practice is McKinney in Raleigh, NC. Stay tuned for their approach to culture building and retention.