Piggyback on Saddleback | part two

*** This is Post #2 in the series. (Post #1 is here.) ***

*** This is Post #2 in the series. (Post #1 is here.) ***


As businesspeople responsible for growing sales and growing customers, we can learn a lot from Rick Warren’s experience in growing Saddleback Community Church as he explained in THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN CHURCH. For example, by simply switching out a few church-words for business-words, his “Eight Myths About Growing Churches” becomes “Eight Myths About Growing Businesses.” Smart stuff for us all to ponder …

Eight Myths About Growing Businesses

MYTH #1 | The only thing large businesses care about is market share.
The simple truth is … a business will not grow big for prolonged periods of time if market share is all it cares about.

Myth #2 | All large businesses grow at the expense of smaller businesses.
Transferring customers from one competing business to another is not the most meaningful way to grow a business. A business that grows larger only by customers switching from a competitor is not experiencing genuine growth—it’s simply rearranging the deck chairs.

Myth #3 | You must choose between focusing on Quality and Quantity in your business.
Quality attracts quantity. In a business where customer lives are being changed, employees are being transformed, and authenticity is flowing freely, you’ll have to lock the doors to keep people from wanting to participate.


Myth #4 | A business must compromise its message and mission to grow.
The assumption is that if a business is attracting more and more customers, it must be shallow and lacking in true meaning. Many people think large businesses are shallow because they confuse what is expected of infrequent customers with what is expected of loyal customers. Expect very little from the infrequent customer.

However, businesses should expect a major commitment from its truly loyal customers. Loyal customers should feel as though they have “joined the club” in some visible and emotionally-binding way.

Myths 5 through 8 to follow in a subsequent posting.

[NOTE: portions of this posting were lifted and mashed-up from Rick Warren’s THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN CHURCH.]