Miami Vice’s Brand Affiliations

I originally reported that I’d go see Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby this past weekend, but I opted for Miami Vice instead.

Not much unlike the NASCAR parody, Miami Vice serves as a definitive case study for product integration into a film. reports:

“The detectives carry Nokia cell phones with video capabilities, Apple laptops, and Motorola video and audio devices. And the last step to being cool? A signature drink. Not even five minutes into the first scene, Crockett orders a Bacardi mojito at the bar.”

Other featured products included Adam Aircraft, Benelli, BMW, Cadillac, Crown Royal, Donzi, FedEx, Ferrari, Heckler & Koch, Hyatt Hotels, Jack Daniel’s, Mercedes, Milano’s Pizza, NBC, Nokia, Pepsi, Range Rover, Shell, Sony, Southern Comfort, Toyota, and Xbox. Whew! The list is a bit exhaustive, but I suppose it beats having to view commercials before a film begins.

Do you think that the practice of integrating marketing within the storylines of films or TV shows makes sense? Should there be a clearer distinction between the two? And does product placement, as adopted in various films and TV shows lately, even work? For instance, can you name the products featured in the last film you watched?