FC Now BlogJam 2006

The third anniversary of FC Now — Fast Company magazine’s team blog — is coming up, and we’re starting to organize the third annual BlogJam.

FC Now, arguably the first blog published by a business magazine, launched in August 2003, and we’ve been thrilled by your ongoing response and reaction. Thanks for reading — and responding!

In the past, we’ve invited friends of the magazine, former guest hosts of the blog — authors from FC’s book club (we’ve since revisited how we approach book reviews, so that page is out of date) — and readers of the blog to participate in the FC Now BlogJam as contributors to help celebrate its anniversary.

This year, we’re doing something slightly different. We’re inviting the bloggers behind FC Now’s blogroll, as well as select other guests, to contribute to the BlogJam later this month.

That said, if you’d like to — or if you know someone who you know wants to — participate in the 2006 BlogJam, email us. There’s a requirement this year: Potential contributors need to blog already, and we need to be able to check out their work as part of our consideration. Not everyone will be included. (So send us those URL’s!)

Let us know if you’re interested! We’ll share additional details as this project comes together.